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14th century vaulted cellar De Hoofdwacht

Those walls would tell us what they’d seen and heard. This space was not only a home and a post office, but also the base for the Hoofdwacht, ’s-Hertogenbosch’s ‘military police’. The silent witnesses to that era are the rings hanging from the arches which were used for chaining up prisoners. The impressive, 14th-century vaulted cellar De Hoofdwacht has recently been meticulously restyled by well-known interior designer Feran Thomassen. He has created an exceptional guest experience by combining sustainable, high-end materials like black marble with classical elements such as references to the venerable St. John’s Cathedral as well as by utilising modern technology such as LED lighting and providing the facilities for Show Cooking.

Vaulted cellar De Hoofdwacht - Moriaenbar
√ Vaulted cellar De Hoofdwacht has its own bar
√ Options for placing a dance floor or stage
√ Maximum capacity for a reception is 500 people
√ Combined with the Moraienbar the max capacity is 580 persons for a reception
√ For groups are, in consultation, special beverage arrangements possible

This space, with its unique ambiance, is an auxiliary registry office, and an exclusive venue that provides everything one might need. Have your official wedding ceremony, champagne and wedding cake, reception, diner and party here. Why not top it off with a lovely overnight stay that will let you savour the day in Penthouse Central Everything will be done to make your nuptials an unforgettable experience! The multi-purpose, vaulted cellar is also very suitable for business presentations, receptions and culinary diners. It has a bar, and a dance floor or stage can be built. For business meetings we have every piece of audio-visual equipment you might need. The LED lighting allows the vaulted cellar to be beautifully lit in any colour for additional ambiance and experience..!