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Brasserie Cé

Making our guests happy, that's what we love and do best at Brasserie Cé.
With food and drinks that both suit our guests and the seasonal feel.

International food with regional flavours, that's what we offer at Brasserie Cé. Ingredients from the best producers in the region, prepared with love for the season and focus on the products’ origins. We serve anything from 'guilty pleasure' to taking into account dietary requirements. Share with us your desires in terms of taste and pace of the dinner and our team will take care of it the Burgundian way.

We will do our utmost to offer you a safe, pleasant visit. And of course with the hospitality Brabant is known for the past 100 years.

Welcome to our brasserie! 

Brasserie Cé 


Monday 16:00 – 23:00
Tuesday till Thursday 09:30 – 23:00
Friday & Saturday 09:30 - 01:00
Sunday 11:00 – 23:00