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Top-10 Highlights Den Bosch

When visiting 's-Hertogenbosch, there are certain highlights you have to make sure not to have missed. In the overview below we showcase the top 10 highlights of Den Bosch to make your stay truely unforgettable. Our hotel in city centre Den Bosch is the perfect base to start your adventure!

1. Het Noordbrabants Museum

“Het Noordbrabants Museum” in the historical city centre of Den Bosch is a museum for art, history and culture. The museum brings the history and present of the region together in its vivid exhibits. The standard collection hosts works from renowned masters such as Vincent van Gogh, Jan Sluijters and the Bruegel family. Alongside the old masters, the museum displays a beautiful collection of the best contemporary artist from the region. Also worth your time are the dozen temporary exhibitions this museum hosts annually. This children friendly museum offers exciting tours and activities.


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2. Enjoy the splendor of the Saint John´s Cathedral

The Saint John´s Cathedral is the city´s pride! If you visit Den Bosch, make sure you visit this magnificent gothic church. It´s enormous towers reach over the rest of the city, you can´t mis them.

TIP: Climb the steps of the 43 meter belltower to enjoy the magnificent view over the city and the nature of the “Bosche broek”.

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3. Visit “De Moriaan”, the oldest brick building in the Netherlands

The oldest brick building in the Netherlands is located a stones throw away form our hotel in city centre Den Bosch. The building dates back to the beginning of the thirteenth century and is situated on the medieval market square, the bustling heart of the city. This unique building houses the tourist information centre called “visit Den Bosch”. You can find additional tourist information here.

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4. Visit ‘Zoete Lieve Gerritje’

'Dat gaat naar Den Bosch toe, zoete lieve Gerritje. Dat gaat naar Den Bosch toe, zoete lieve meid.' Loosely translated this means something along the lines of: “Headed to Den Bosch is sweet sweet Gerritje. Headed to Den Bosch she is sweet sweet girl”. The song symbolises the spirit of Den Bosch and the ‘Meierij’ region. The songs is said to inspire gentleness and cheerfulness. A statue dedicated to this folksongs is located in the oldest part of town. On the corner of the ‘Lepelstraat’ and the ‘Korenbrugstraat’ on a plateau near the ‘Binnedieze’ you can find ‘Zoete Lieve Gerritje’.

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5. Discover Jeroen Bosch in the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center

The Jheronimus Bosch Art Center is dedicated to the famous painter Jeroen Bosch, native to Den Bosch. In this former church you can find all the masterpieces of this painter. Even though the displayed paintings are replicas, you can marvel at the works in their full size and glory.

TIP: you can enjoy a great view of the city from the belltower.

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6. Visit Bosch's House

Immerse yourself in the world of Hieronymus Bosch, experiencing the very place where he once lived, learned, and worked. Marvel at eight centuries of remarkably preserved architecture and a meticulous restoration that pays homage to its historical significance and commitment to sustainability.

Discover the rich medieval history of 's-Hertogenbosch. In partnership with the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center, the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch has transformed this beautiful, ancient building into a cultural gem.

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7. Experience ‘De Binnendieze’

Tens of thousands of visitors navigate through the canals of ‘de Binnendieze’ annually. It is one of the main attractions that attracts crowds to the city, and rightfully so. ‘de Binnendieze’ Is a collection of canals and waterways inside the Den Bosch city walls. You can experience these unique waterways by way of open boat. You tour guide will tell you all you need to know about ‘de Binnendieze’ as you see the buildings pass overhead.

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8. Relive history in the ‘Zwanenbroedershuis’

In the Hinthamerstraat the extraordinary ‘Zwanenbroedershuis’ is located. From the fifteenth century this building was home to a fraternity called ‘Illustere Lieve Vrouwe’. Get immersed in the rich history and admire the numerous historical artifacts, among which some unique fifteenth and sixteenth century musical texts, woodcarvings and William of Orange’s drinking cup.

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9. Visit ‘de Tramkade’

Just outside the city lies the cultural hotspot of the city: ‘de Tramkade’. This culinary, cultural and social hotspot is located in the former compound feed factory called: ‘de Heus’. Enjoy a coffee at the espresso bar, have diner at the design restaurant, take a beermaking workshop at the active brewery or go to an event in ‘de Kaaihallen’, all while you can enjoy the design and art throughout ‘de Tramkade’.

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10. Design Museum Den Bosch

The collection of the Design Museum Den Bosch hosts works of artists like Pablo Picasso, Elsa Schiaparelli, Jean Cocteau, Meret Oppenheim, Grayson Perry, Hella Jongerius, Geert Lap, Natasje Boezem, Gijs Bakker, Emmy van Leersum, Kenneth Price, Susan Cohn, Lucio Fontana, Wieki Somers, Man Ray and many others.

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