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Live Jazzy Sounds@Cé

Every first Friday of the month fresh jazzy sounds, funky drinks and ‘soul’food in Brasserie Cé. Starting at 6:30 PM


Jazzy 'Cocktail'@Cé

Every second Thursday of the month we invite, in cooperation with Impresariaat Kunsten. young talents to show their musicality to the public during our Jazzy 'Cocktail'@Cé evenings. Performance from 17.30 hrs till 20.00 hrs.


World Archery Championships

The World Para Archery Championships will take place from 3 until 9 June. Followed by the World Archery Championships from 10 until 16 June on the Dukes fields and at the Parade in the historic centre of's-Hertogenbosch. Book a room and come to encourage our heroes!


Jazz in Duketown@Cé

In the Pentecost weekend, from 7 till 10 June 2019, the 46th edition of Jazz in Duketown will take place. Jazz in Duketown is the largest free accessible open-air Jazz festival in the Netherlands


'Modern Nederland 1963 – 1989' - 23 March to 18 August '19

60 years of the twentieth century from the Netherlands wanted to be modern. Characteristic was a penchant for geometrical design and the use of white, black and grey. The exhibition ' Modern 1963-1989 – the appearance of a Netherlands country guide ' gives a vivid picture of design, architecture and art from this period.


Ali Banisadr: Foreign Lands - 6 April to 25 August '19

The paintings created by artist Ali Banisadr are a reflection of his Iranian roots and the influence of European artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Paolo Veronese, Tintoretto and Francis Bacon. The bright and vivid pieces are a mixture of order and chaos, of beauty and horror.


The Smell of Success - 26 April to 25 August '19

Brabant brothers Gerard (Tilburg, 1746 – Paris, 1822) and Cornelis (Tilburg, 1756 – Paris, 1839) van Spaendonck learnt the painter's trade in Antwerp. From there, Gerard - followed later by his brother Cornelis - departed for Paris, where the two soon made careers painting flowers.


Geert Lap: Specific Objects - 1 June to 18 August '19

Geert Lap – Specific Objects offers a stunning overview of the incomparable oeuvre of one of the most important post-war ceramic artists in the world. Designer Aldo Bakker takes care of the exhibition design. He goes into Design Museum Den Bosch a dialogue with the work of Lap about the search for the perfect form.


'Open House' days - Hotel Central

We would like to invite you during one of our 'Open House' days in Hotel Central.

√ Sunday, 30 June, 2019 from 11.00 hrs until 16.00 hrs
√ Sunday, 22 September, 2019 from 11.00 hrs until 16.00 hrs
√ Sunday, 24 November, 2019 from 11.00 hrs until 16.00 hrs

Officially give the word YES too each other is also possible at Central! On our 'Open House' days Mr Bert Crown, wedding officer of the municipality of's-Hertogenbosch, will be present between 14.00 hours and 15.00 hours to answer all your questions.


Summer Special@Cé

Come along with friends and family and enjoy our Summer Special@Cé at Brasserie Cé.


Music on the 'Binnendieze' - 13 July to 7 September '19

These are special "summer night trips" where you during the tour will stop to listen to performances on special ramps on the Binnendieze.


Theaterfestival Boulevard - 1 to 11 August '19

Theatre productions, dance performances, music theatre, street theatre, music shows, and other art forms, some of which are not so easily pigeonholed. Our audience is large and curious: Boulevard is fun for the layman and the experienced enthusiast, for the youth and the elderly, for the art professional and for the entire family. Feel welcome!


Bossche Kermis - 16 to 25 August '19

From the 16th untill tthe 25th of August the funfair 'Bossche Kermis' will return on her trusted locations: De Parade, Kerkstraat, op de Markt and the 'Hoge Steenweg'. 


'Meet & Discover' events - Hotel Central

Come and see for yourself! We would like to invite you during our 'Meet & Discover' events. Between 16.00 hrs and 18.00 hrs we are ready to show you all our facilities for your meeting, seminar, conference or other event.

Dates 'Meet & Discover' 2019
√ Thursday, 5 September, 2019

SIGN UP: please call us via telephone 0031-73- 6.926.935 or mail to zaalreserveringen@hotel-central.nl.

Design ot the Third Reich - 7 September to 19 January 2020

Design Museum Den Bosch presents the world's first retrospective exhibition of design of the Third Reich. The Volkswagen Beetle, the Olympic Games in 1936, the swastika and the films of Leni Riefenstahl. The important loans come from major German museums in Berlin and Munich


Van Goghs intimi - 21 September 2019 to 12 January 2020

The exhibition Van Gogh’s Inner Circle. Friends, Family, Models will give a broad view on the people who played an important part in Van Gogh’s life and work. His complex relationships with family, friends and fellow artists, students and models from Brabant to the south of France were often strong and long-lasting, but sometimes ended in estrangement. The exhibition includes prominent pieces from the Netherlands and abroad. Drawings, letters, pictures and poetry give more insight to his relationships. A surprising new perspective on one of the world’s greatest artist.