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Dogs Welcome

Golden Tulip Hotel Central loves to see both guests and animals enjoy

Guests and their four-legged friends are most welcome in our hotel. Are you a dogowner and do you wish to visit 's-Hertogenbosch for a few days? Enjoy the Bossche Broek nature, take a walk along the fortress wall or walk your dog through the historic city center. Whatever your preference, we guarantee a pleasant stay with your loyal pooch in our pet-friendly hotel rooms.

A few house rules apply so that everyone has a pleasant stay with us. Reservations with a dog are always on request and apply after confirmation from the hotel, there is a limit on the number of pet-friendly rooms that are available. The surcharge is €20,- per stay.

o 1 dog (up to knee height) maximum, per room;
o If the dog is left alone in the room, there is a 'do not disturb' sign on the door;
o Should the dog be left alone in the room, the owner leaves a reachable mobile phonenumber at the reception;
o Make sure the dog is not alone in the hotel room when housekeeping needs to go in. It would be easiest if you discuss a cleaning time with the reception so as to not disturb your pet;
o Dogs are not allowed in "de Hoofdwacht" during breakfast, or "de Leeuwenborgh" private dining. They are always welcome to join in "Brasserie Cé" and pop-up terrace "Dieske";
o Exceptions are made for guide dogs, which are allowed everywhere;
o The dog is always on a leash, except in our petfriendly hotlel rooms;
o If the dog soils or damages something, this will be reported to the reception and any damage will be reimbursed.

We wish you lots of fun. Woof!