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Varen met een historisch tintje

Historical boat package (1 night)                              € 99,50 per person
Historical boat package (2  nights)                             € 148,00 per person
✓ 1or 2x overnight stay with Live Cooking breakfast buffet
✓ 1 x coffee or tea with a 'Bossche Bol'
✓ 1 x 3-course dinner in Brasserie Cé
✓ 1 x information  package ‘s-Hertogenbosch
✓ 1 x ticket boat trip 'Historische Route' at 15:40 hours

Pickup place: Scaffolding opposite Molenstraat 15A, there is a stair lift.
Boat trip takes approx. 50 minutes and is not recommended at claustrophobia.