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Christmas in 's-Hertogenbosch city centre

During the Christmas season we serve delicious extensive Christmas brunches and refined choice menus in Brasserie Cé, where you will be pampered.You are also very welcome for your Christmas drink, New Year's reception or smashing personal party!                                                                                        

Do you want to spend the night? Then use the special public holiday rate in one of our 125 hotel rooms! Reservations: call 073-6.926.926 or mail to info@hotel-central.nl

Brasserie Cé. Enjoyment, ‘s-Hertogenbosch style

Brasserie Cé presents the best of two worlds: the most delectable cuisine both from Brabant and abroad, all prepared with fresh – preferably local – ingredients by people passionate about the seasons and products’ origins; aimed at pleasing you in every way from your dietary choices to your guilty pleasures, aligned with your palate and tempo, a warm reception for gourmands: welcome to ’s-Hertogenbosch’s living room!


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